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AboutConverts given values to the most popular units.
Modified05.03.2012, 16:27
Converters Distance, mass, time, temperature
SyntaxSpace can be used as thousands separator. Comma and period can be used as decimal point. Note: if input value is invalid, 1 will be used.
(avg. 4.0)
Unit Time  
Second (s)3600
Minute (m)60
Hour (h)1
Day (d)0.041666666666667
Millisecond (ms)3600000
Week (w)0.005952380952381
Year (y)0.00011415525114155
Decade (dec)0,00001141552511415525145654047134424757814485928975
Century (cen)0,00000114155251141552514565404713442475781448592898
Millenia (mil)0,00000011415525114155250927144879310309866227157727

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