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AboutConverts given values to the most popular units.
Modified05.03.2012, 16:27
Converters Distance, mass, time, temperature
SyntaxSpace can be used as thousands separator. Comma and period can be used as decimal point. Note: if input value is invalid, 1 will be used.
(avg. 4.0)
Unit Distance  
Kilometer (km)0.001
Meter (m)1
Centimeter (cm)100
Millimeter (mm)1000
Mile (mile)0.00062137119223733
Yard (yd)1.0936132983377
Feet (ft)3.2808398950131
Inch (in)39.370078740157
Furlong (fur)0.0049751243781095
Nautical mile (nmi)0.00053995680345572

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